Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Almond Cantuccini

Famous in Florence and Tuscany
A delight with coffee or tea

My Italian teacher came by today, and together with my mom and I, made this crunchy yummy biscuit.

150 grams of sugar
75 grams of butter
2 eggs
250 grams of self-raising flour
lemon and orange zest
50 grams of diced almonds

After mixing together all the ingredients,
We spilt the batter into two,
Laid them out as two long rectangles on a tray,
Baked them for 20 minutes (200˚ C),
Took them out for slicing,
Popped them back in for another 10 minutes
and they were done.


  1. Hi Lly,Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving kind comments.
    those biscuits look yummy and the recipe looks easy, May be I should try making some too.

  2. Ohh I've had those before! Their pretty good :D Though the ones I had were not homemade. I'm sure homemade ones would be better.

    Great shots by the way =]

  3. mmmm, looks yummy! (i'll have to try some) ^_^

  4. Hi you. Thank you for your comment this morning. I was just reviewing your photos and I'm thinking that you should join us as a member, over at Soaring Through the World In Pictures. There's no obligation, but you can share your photos according to a weekly theme - whenever you like to and as often as you feel to. Thought I'd invite you personally :)

  5. Vicky...Thanks for dropping by in turn :) I hope the biscuits turn out well.

    iLikeToWrite... Thank you. I think homemade ones are better too. Not too sweet...and you can add as many almonds as you like. Lol.

    Jay Dreamer... Let me know how it goes ;)

    Simply Heather...Thank you for the invite. I'll check it out.