Monday, 14 September 2009

A Pink Autumn

My second "serious" illustration attempt using the Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet...
See here for the first...
Click on Image to enlarge...


  1. Lly...Beautiful artwork! You said you use a Wacom tablet for the picture. I use a Wacom tablet with photoshop and my pictures...But for this you obviously have used something different than what I use???


  2. since you have this pic already, u might as well write another story around it :P

  3. Dan,

    For this illustration, I did use Context Free in addition to the Wacom tablet and Photoshop. I used Context Free to get the basic tree shapes which I then modified with the pen tablet. But the rest is just a play of brush strokes, and filters, and layering.

    If you don't already have it, you can download Context Free for free :) at

    The program produces beautiful art that's normally too tedious to draw by hand.

  4. This is so sweet and makes my heart feel full.

  5. David,

    I just


    Thanks very much :)