Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Soldier with the Musket

Meet Henry.
The soldier with the musket.
He drinks sherry.
He loves a racket.

See the blue flask? Yep, that's where Henry stores his sherry.

This toy soldier belongs to my little brother. He begged my dad to buy it from a flea market in Moncalieri. It's quite heavy. Well-made. I took photos of Henry here when my brother was away in school to avoid any objections :)

P.S. I named him Henry. My brother knows nothing about this =D


  1. Haha nice pictures! I really like the first and second ones =]

  2. Thanks Scriptor Senex. And thank you for dropping by my blog.

  3. Lly...great Macro shots and I really like th effect on the first image.

    By the way...welcome to the Soaring blog...I am glad you joined up!