Monday, 21 September 2009

Begin Falling

It's okay to fall.

Can one have so much pride?
Even nature in all its bounty,
Knows how to be humble.

The beautiful gems in its hair,
Must curl up and die.
Its virescent dress of jade,
It unfastens slowly,
As falling leaves fading away.
And even it knows how to cry,
With its showers of rain from above.
And its warm smile soon turns cold.

But there is beauty there in its tears,
Refreshing and sweet is its waters,
Falling gently from above.
And even as its warmth pales to a chill,
Its fading dress strewn across the earth gives out warm hues of red and gold,
that can only bring a smile to my face.

Yes, it's okay to fall.

I fell in love with the colours :) They look like yellow stars.

Above: Leaves in the midsts of browning.

I took these photos because I found the roots of the trees in these pics so interesting. When I look at the bottom photo I immagine two lovers embracing...Hmmm

Below: Dead Flowers. Sad, yet pretty in a dark way.

Photos taken in Torino this September. Most of which taken in Parco del favourite place to hang out. The first photo is similar to one taken for a previous post. Not the same leaf, but the same shoes >.< I've been wearing for over a year now.