Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Addicted to Flowers

After scoffing down two egg and cheese sandwiches, feelings of guilt started to seep into the forefront of my mind. To remedy the situation and appease the angry little voice in my head, I took a long walk... to Parco Valentino (my favourite place to hang out with nature - yeah I've mentioned this before).
While the intention of the walk was to exercise, the outcome was this:

Click on images to enlarge

So much for the idea of exercise... I hardly think stopping every five minutes or so to take photos can be called a workout! Sigh...



  1. I like how you exercise! :D Carrying the camera was for enhanced cardio, lifting it was like lifting weights...

    fabulous photos - I can't pick a favorite, I love them all.

  2. Great flower pictures! I like all the different angles you captured them with.

    I like taking flower pictures too and never really did a whole lot of different angles with them but this has made be realize how good it looks. =]

  3. Jen... I'm glad you liked the photos. It's a habit of mine to carry my camera around everywhere (well almost) - after being caught one too many times in a situation where there staring me in the face was the perfect photo up but "drat, no camera". P.S. My camera weighs less than 200 grams...lol

    iLikeToWrite... Thanks. I used to (actually I still do), take photos of flowers from the top. But I love taking them from different angles just to see if they have other secrets to share (like colours on the underside of the petals). For example:
    See this Post

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the link from yours. Nice photo shots, I like the 5th one where you can see the light reflecting off the spider's web.