Friday, 25 September 2009

Earth Sky Water

Just three or so days ago, I tried coaxing photoshop to perform an action, but it told me flatly that there was not enough memory. So I had to abandon the project I was working on and do some housekeeping...i.e. throw out stuff. And by definition,"stuff" meant photos. So I ended up running through my iphoto library deleting any photos I felt were a complete lost. Mission heartbreak. No photo is a complete lost... even the horrid ones can be used for their texture or something right? Anyway, in the midst of parting with gigabytes of memories, I found some photos I thought I'd like to post up here.

These photos were taken in Chendering. I had posted up some in a previous post. But here are a few more...

In this photo, the earth, the sky and water meet. The photo below is an edited version of the original. I adjusted the levels in the photo to make it almost white. I thought it looked dreamlike.

Three coconut (extremely tall) trees. I liked the way they reach up into the sky. The photo above has been edited to mute its colors and add an antique look. The original colour of the sky can be seen in the photo below (I wish the car wasn't in the way...)

I love this photo. I added a colour filter to it. The little boy with the bucket is my 11 year old brother :)

Seashells delighting the beach...

p.s. I cleared up about 8GB that day.


  1. Wow that's a lot of house cleaning. I hate when those memory messages start popping up and spoiling all the fun. Nice shots and effects.

  2. Great shots! I espescially like the one with the full view of the trees and the sky. In fact I actually like the car in it! =]

    Congrats on the cleaning. I have such a hard time deleting pictures... I always think I might need them at some point and so they just pile up.

  3. actually its quite nice to have that old 'rustic' car under the trees. seems fitting.

  4. Lol. I actually waited for the car to disappear. But it never did. Who parks cars under coconut trees anyway? A coconut falling from that height...I hate to think what would happen to the car. Anyway, I'm glad you guys like the photo with the car present :)

  5. these photos are stunning! the seashells are my favorite :)

  6. Wow, if these are your throw aways, I think I need a new hobby.

    I absolutely LOVE that second one.

  7. Oh no no. These aren't the throw aways. I found them while searching for photos that could be deleted :)