Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Quite Quiet

I was alone the other day,
Atop a quiet hill,
When I saw you little flowers,
You gave me quite a thrill.

Your soft colors blending,
In the orange light,
Your hues of pink revealing,
You were a pretty sight.

In clusters you remain waiting,
For the rare passer-by,
To notice your sweet blessing,
That oft escapes the eye.

If only you were bigger,
And bolder you might say,
Then they'd see your figure,
Not some green bush on the way.

Do not fret dear little flowers,
Or cry cause you're tucked away,
For one day when it's quite quiet,
You'll make someone's day.

I was on my way home after a walk in the park, when I met them. They grew out of a big green bush, and from a distance it they didn't look like much. But upon closer examination, I found them quite lovely. Don't know the name of the plant though...


  1. Lly...I like your style of photography. It seems that everyone has a particular style and what I have seen of yours is unique with the more muted colors but very lovely.