Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year

A whole year past and gone,
The play is over, the curtain is drawn,
Is there an applause, a thundering ovation?
Or the terrible hiss of deprecation?
But above and beyond all that I've done,
The good deeds, the white lies, and bad sticky buns,
There are many things to be grateful for,
The many blessings I cannot ignore.
So although the past year has not been the best,
And still many regrets I cannot lay to rest,
I'm thankful for everything that has come my way,
And with this in mind, tomorrow will be a better day...

The morning sun shining down on Piazza Castello in Torino. It's warm rays are so welcoming and happy. So, Happy New Year...and have a great year ahead!


  1. ...For You too: A Wonderful Happy New Year!!!!!
    I love the Flower Shot; so delicate....!
    See You sooon!!

  2. Beautiful!! Fantastic shots every time I visit! Have an amazing new year! I am glad I found your blog and met're super! keep creating your fabulous is awesome! Cheers..all the Best for the new year!

  3. Happy New Year! =)

    Beautiful shot, I love how there is a slight reflection on the ground.

  4. A very well said poem...have a beautiful New and Fresh Year ahead :)

  5. Happy blessed new year to u and your loves one, Lly!

  6. Thank you all for your lovely greetings. I really appreciate it.