Wednesday, 2 December 2009


To my dear friends...

It seems a long time since we've met,
Whether in person, or through the net...
I have a tale which is painful to tell,
Of how I disappeared down a well.

That was the day I sailed away,
To a different world in a different realm,
There was no magic, neither were there dreams,
Only sadness, fears, and silent screams.
Behind me, I shut the portal into that dark place,
I did not want you to see me in such disgrace,
I couldn't bare the thought of you knowing,
Of the million tears from me flowing.
And thus I removed myself from your sight,
But know, I missed you on countless nights.

And there beyond the reaches of light,
In the midst of my unhappy plight,
I had not forgotten the friendship we've shared,
I treasure it still, as I've always cared...

Any hurt I've caused, I did not ever intend,
I hope it's not too late for me to amend...
The no exchange of greetings or pleasant conversation,
No smiley faces or emoticons to halt the alienation,
Tis a tragic failure on my own part,
I pray you will not take this to heart.
You who showed compassion when it was in want,
For being warm-hearted and not nonchalant,
I want to thank you for being a dear friend,
I should not want our friendship to end.

Take care always...

This is me...the slug...who hides in a shell...(sometimes anyway)


  1. amazingly graceful..

    just what i needed this morning..

    thank you..

  2. Oh I can too. I keep everyone at arms length and hide away too. Then I get all sad. We're just two shells passing in the night!

  3. Shraddha...thank you hehe.

    Rebecca...Oh you so get me. Hahaha. It's sad part of me wants to be with friends, the other just prefers to bury myself in the ground...What a contradiction!

  4. Lovely poem! Your wording is beautiful :) Hey, this makes 3 of us. I'm just like you and Rebecca! But I am working on growing out of my shell a little bit. Slowly but surely :)