Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Keeping Warm Together

I was taking a walk in Parco Valentino two days before Christmas. Snow was still on the ground then...(it's all nearly gone now)... and it was very chilly. These ducks and mallards had all gathered together at the artificial pond. When it's warmer, there would never be so many just sitting still by the pond. I guessed they wanted some warm company :D


  1. Haha I see you ventured outside to get some pictures. =D Nice shots, and look at how orange that one's feet are in the last picture.

  2. So gorgeous...I the last one here too..with his bright orange foot againts the white snow..awesome!!Beautiful!! All the best in the new year!

  3. those duckies are so cute! But I always feel so bad for the water fowl when it gets cold...

  4. iLikeToWrite....Yesh, I braved the cold haha.

    Kiki...Thank you. I love its colour!

    Julia...Yes. And to think they have to swim in in freezing waters...

  5. HI De Lly....
    Last pic is fentastic.....