Friday, 11 December 2009

Kick-Ass Blog

I just received this Kick-Ass blog award. This is my second award for this blog ^^
A big Thank You to sushigirl4996. Do check out her blog: Emily the Strange

I now have to pass on this award to five deserving blogs, so here goes...

I would like to pass this award to:

iLikeToWrite at iLikeToWrite's Photography And Life
For his awesome photographs and stories

Gozer and friends at Naked Rome
For their truly beautiful and stunning photography

Dan at Wood And Pixels Narratives
For his bright and colourful transformed photos and interesting narratives

Julia at The World is My Oyster
For her witty posts that are always fun to read

Kiki at Awake with Charm and Spirit
For her amazing photos and the gentle and charming phrases that accompany them



  1. Ooo! Thank you so much! Congratz on getting this award yourself! =]

  2. Yay! Congrats on receiving the award..and Many Thanks of appreciation for thinking mine is deserving too.Your blog is totally K-A! You rock..thanks are super sweet.I look forward to checking out all the blogs you mentioned here. Have a Magical day..

  3. what a beautiful surprise!
    really unexpected!
    Thanks so much!
    thank also by Jolly and Andrea:)

  4. You guys are real deserving of this award :D

  5. thanks so much! it's my first award, so it'll always be special :)