Saturday, 2 January 2010

Sky Watch Friday N°3

On new year's day, my family and I paid a visit to Superga. It's a prominent hill on the eastern side of Torino. We took a funicular train up to the top (672 metres above sea level) and although it was quite misty that day, the skies were gorgeous. We also visited the Basilica of Superga...I'll be posting up photos of it in the coming days.

Do click on the images to enlarge

A beautiful view of the Alps

This shot was taken on the way up the hill.


Torino... shrouded in mist, and in the background stand the Alps. I love this the middle is the River Po....the longest river in Italy.

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  1. Just say Alps and I melt...I loved the idea of the Alps until I saw them and hiked in I LOVE the Alps

  2. Wow Rebecca, you went hiking in them? Super!! I must admit, I'm not so adventurous :D But I love looking at them.

  3. Wow beautiful pictures! Favorites would be the first 4... actually you know they all are so good! I love all the pictures of the Alps. They are so huge! I also really like the angle on the third shot and those three trees in the fourth. =D

  4. I love Superga at sunset. It's gorgeous! Beautiful photos as always!

  5. Wow! The view is amazing, the sky perfect and the images awesome!

  6. iLikeToWrite...Thank you. Yup, the Alps are pretty close by...sometimes I feel like I can reach out and touch them :D

    Sonia... Thanks very much. I still am amazed at how you hiked all the way up.

    Mersad...Thank you hehe.

  7. Love those blue skies...and I love watching sunset too. Thanks for sharing!


  8. Heisann!

    Tremendous shots, aspecially the mountainview!
    Önsker deg alt godt for 2010!

  9. Kim and Vilt...Thank you for dropping by.

    TeeTee...Thank you. Happy New Year!

  10. Wow!!! I am just almost speechless...these photos are truly some of the most beautiful that I've ever seen. The lavenders and blues mixing together with the mist...very surreal. I really like the one of the lamp post with the alps in the background...and the last two....I'm enlarging them again and just sitting and staring. I needed a mountain "fix." Thank you. (I grew up in the Sierra Nevadas and miss the mountains so much!)

  11. AS I scrolled down your images, every single one appeared to be more magical than the first one, bellissime tutte le foto!

    Buon Anno Nuovo!