Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Lightly fried calamari and prawns...
To be honest, I'm not a seafood lover. But this is really good :D
Another one of the things I'd miss about Italy.


I apologize if I'm not able to answer your comments or visit your blogs, as I'm without internet connection for these few weeks. I have left Italy and returned home to my country Malaysia. To read more about this click here. This is a scheduled post.

Have a great day :D



  1. Will have to ask my daughter who lived in Italy for a few years about the calamari...this looks good.

  2. Good to have the memories to take with you!

  3. Wow looks deliscious! Even though I've never had either lol

  4. Love calamari! Yum..fantastic photo..beautiful!

  5. Dear...I just did read your ARRIVEDERCI to Italy...or better: ADDIO to Italy!!

    I am certain you will start a fantastic time in your home country, be sure....I am convinced!!!!

    I wish you all the best; all the greatest luck and fortune for your future and of course I hope so much to hear from you again....!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my Giants...I loved it!

    .....oops...the picture is gorgeous...though : I do not like too much fried seafood....but it looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!

    ciao ciao a presto un abbraccio elvira