Monday, 9 November 2009

Pan the on...

Alright it's not funny. It's the Pantheon. I couldn't think of a better title for this post. So there >.<

I recently found out that sleeping (or being) too near your mobile phone can cause brain damage. I've been sleeping with mine under my pillow for a few years now. That probably explains my forgetfullness, my inability to think clearly and quickly, and my declining intelligence. The thing is, I use my mobile as an alarm clock [this probably means I'm going to have to buy myself a real one soon]. So in the meantime, I have moved its position from under my pillow to the floor under my bed. Since some sources say that the radiation emited is about the size of a basketball...the floor should be safe enough right? I'm not convinced, but it will have to do for now.

Back to the Pantheon. Here are some pictures of it and the square in front of it. For the insides, watch out for my next post.

This Pantheon and the crowds of tourists. One thing I dislike about going to tourist destinations is that it's impossible to get a photo without the...uh...tourists. I know I'm one myself but...

View of the Pantheon from the back.


The next few shots are from the square in front of the Pantheon. The fountain there is lovely (although the viscious looking ducks creep me out a little) and I thought I'd get bits of it in the photo along with the Pantheon.  I wanted to put these in black and white. They really do look quite lovely. But I fell in love with this sort of muted colours look. The wanning light added to the effect.
Do click on the images to enlarge.


  1. Oh wow these are all beautiful! Its hard to choose a favorite... The ones that stick out the most I'd say are the black and white ones and the 4th and 5th. I like the lighting too :)

  2. The Pantheon is Gorgeous! And hey, don't be so hard on the tourists, they add a little more to the shot ^_^ lol. Question: Why does the sky always look so beautiful in your ahmayzing photos? Is the weather always nice in Italy?

  3. iLikeToWrite... Thanks very much. Aren't black and white photos great? They have a magical effect.

    Jay...Lol. Yes I shouldn't be so critical of tourist since I'm one myself.
    The sky? Maybe it's because I feel inspired to take photos when the sky is lovely. Yes, the weather in Italy is quite pleasant (more pleasant than many other countries in Europe or so I heard). But it's been raining and raining for the past few days now. Gloomy and sad it is.

  4. Fair enough :] Hmm, it definitely seems like Italy has the best weather! Hope it goes back to being pleasant! No more gloomy! XD