Monday, 16 November 2009

Inside the Pantheon

Here are the photos of the Pantheon's interior as promised. I'm sorry these aren't great. Most of the photos I took are so blurred. They just don't do it any justice. But it was lovely being there. We got lucky in a sense because just as we entered the church, there came on the announcements for the public to leave as there was going to be a Mass. We didn't leave with the crowd but attended Mass instead. And after the Mass, we had enough time to admire the place before the guards let the crowd in again.


  1. Nice shots, it does look like a beautiful place. My favorite pictures are the 3rd and 5th ones. =]

    For the 3rd one did you by any chance put the camera on the ground??

  2. Amazing...truly beautiful...thankyou for sharing such gorgeous photos to enjoy!

  3. Not only did my jaw drop, but I got "photographic brain-freeze" lol. I created a new term...
    (Can you tell I have a thing for Architecture?)
    These photos are very nice. You must've felt so small in there :}

  4. iLikeToWrite...Yes I did prop the cam on the ground. I love taking shots from that perspective when possible. It eliminates shaking too, since I've got no tripod.

    Kiki...Thanks very much :)

    Jay...Yup, did feel small in such a magnificent place. The marvels of ancient architecture...modern buildings seldom stack up.