Friday, 6 November 2009

More of the Colosseum

Hmmm, so here I am again with more photos of the Colosseum...more of its outside ['more' not refering to the number of pics but to how much of the amphiteater can be seen in the pic] and some photos of its inside. This post has too many photos...but since I've already uploaded them...

Do click on images to enlarge.

In the evening...
[Sorry about the noise in the photo. *Glares at camera*]

I had to be a good distance away to fit the whole of it [well almost] into the photo. I can't decide whether I hate the lampost or like it, but for better or worse, there it is blocking the way >.<

Now for some photos inside the Colosseum

I was told the remake of the wooden platform was quite recent.

I quite like this shot. I think the window frames the image pretty well.

This little treasure I found on one of the walls of the Colosseum.

And to the exit we go...


I must say it wasn't that easy taking shots because of the really strong sunlight. I couldn't see anything on my camera screen. So it was pretty much shoot and hope for the best. I have some photos that I quite like but are partly ruined by the over-exposure. I've no idea how to fix that. Any ideas?

For previous photos on the colosseum click here


  1. your pictures are beautiful too! we're just filling up the internet with pictures of rome today! those official "rome photo blogs" don't have the lead anymore!

  2. I too love the window view and your treasure found! Thanks for stopping my to say hi. Have a golden weekend my friend. xo

  3. Great photos! Favorites would be the black and white ones, the first one, and the 8th!

  4. Julia...Thanks for dropping by. Hahaha yeah, we're taking the lead!

    Joyce...Thank you.

    David... Perhaps it is a seashell?

    iLikeToWrite...I love the black and whites too :) thanks.

  5. Wonderful shots!
    My son visited there a couple of years ago. I love the window shot.
    Scrolling down I really liked the street art shots.

    Thanks for your visits to my blog.

  6. these are such stunning pictures!!

    i want to go for a holiday now..

  7. Carletta...Thanks very much

    Shraddha... Aren't holidays such fun? Mising it already.