Friday, 13 November 2009

As the Black Ink Slowly Fades...

For David...

Listening to the smells of a rainy day, looking into the dead chill of twilight, holding on to two crumpled movie passes of seasons past. The ink was barely visible...and he could do nothing to stop it from disappearing altogether.

As the black ink slowly fades...
Will the memories too fail?
Like old bricks once so strong,
Fall away from the house that was meant to last forever.

As the black ink slowly fades...
Will your love for me too die?
Like the fires out in winter,
With nothing enough to feed it. To nurture it.

Will you not let me burn for you?
The one who left you too soon,
Because of this I am alone,
As I desperately try to hold onto,
The shattered pieces of what was once us,
Plunged into the river of time,
Alas I cannot outdo the river,
And the memories escape my grasps...

As the black ink slowly fades...
Will you try to strip away?
The flesh from my bones,
Where you were once me, and I was once you.

As the black ink slowly fades...
Will you not recall?
The boy who would climb hills with you.
The man who would climb mountains for you.

As the black ink slowly fades...


Photo taken in Paris last December


  1. Nice poem and a nice photo! Very mysterious looking. :)

  2. Gorgeous word and image! Beautifil poetic words. I love this enchanting are a wonderful writer...I enjoyed this post very much!

  3. Nice job. Makes me think of all kinds of thinks...fading? Interesting.

  4. iLikeToWrite...Thanks. Doesn't it look mysterious? Lol...I have a fascination for dead trees. Well, they aren't really dead are they...

    Kiki... Thank you. Glad you enjoyed my post.

    Rebecca...Thanks. Many more things than just ink fade. Yup it's interesting all right.

  5. Wow - excellent writing!
    The photo really enhances the mood of your words.