Saturday, 28 November 2009




  1. Nice pictures, I like the 2nd one the best! But what is that thing? Haha. It looks sort of like dried dogwood flowers.

  2. I can't pick between the two, both are to my liking, but I love the third photo to death! great view :)

  3. Cool pix, but something about the 3rd is very cool to me.

  4. iLikeToWrite...Thanks. They are definitely dried flowers. I have no idea what they are called. They grow in round bunches and are pink, blue, purple or yellow. They don't look like Dogwood but I could be wrong...hehe

    Jay & Rebecca...Thanks. The third photo is actually a pic of a neighbouring house. Pity about the wires. I think I could have gotten a better shot of it from downstairs (I took the pic from my balcony) but I didn't want to be so conspicuous.

    Tee Tee...Thanks for dropping by :)