Tuesday, 17 November 2009


After Rome, we paid a visit to Lucca. Here are some photos on the evening we arrived.

These first 3 photos were taken on the famous walls of Lucca. The city's defenses that were never used. These walls are so thick that people can cycle, take walks, enjoy themselves on them.

These two gentlemen having a game of chess.

I added an orange gradient to this photo for fun.


  1. Wow! These are beautiful! I love how on the 3rd one only part of the branch has lost its leaves, and the lighting on the last one. Great job! =]

  2. Nice shots I like the last one, very moody feeling.

  3. Beautiful...they are all so unique..what a wonderful post! I absolutely love the very last photo...gorgeous and such a powerful mystique to it! And the photo of leaves are awesome!!My other fave is the branch of leaves hanging in the sky..stunning!

  4. The first two photos are my faves but I love love love them all. Two men playing chess is such a nice, classic moment to capture :]

  5. Nice pics....last one is fentastic....

  6. Wonderful moody images!
    The orange gradient tint to the image of the leaves is very nice.

  7. iLikeToWrite...Thanks. I like the patterns of the half bare branch :)

    Rebecca...Yup, it was evening then when I shot it.

    TeeTee...Thank you for dropping by

    Kiki...Thanks for your kind words

    NPT...Thank you ;)

    Carletta...Thank you. The orange gradient helped the otherwise dull photo.

  8. Jay...Thank you. Yeah I thought the two men playing chess was a classic....only I was too chicken to go closer and take a close-up. They might have yelled at me or worse. Lol, I got scolded before for taking a photo. I was taking a photo of some lovely flowers hanging from the windows of this lovely apartment when the owner must have caught me, he opened his window and yelled at me. >.< I deleted the pic out of respect for him, but I never went back that way again.

  9. Aww! I'd never go back there either! (I've always been afraid something like that would happen to me). But close up or not, it is still a gorgeous photo :) Stay away from mean flower-hoggers! *_*