Friday, 23 October 2009

Piazza San Carlo

I've taken so many photos of this place... yet I never get bored of it.


I'm off to Rome, the Eternal City tomorrow for a few days.  Hope to get some good eternal memories...dispense with the bad. Lol.


  1. Gorgeous photography! You are super talented! Beautiful enchanting images!

  2. Nice black and white photos! I really like the last two pictures. =] Hope you have a good trip to Rome!

  3. holy smokes! lol XD very nice photos! the cathedral is stunning... it feels as though i'm right there.

  4. WOW.

    What an amazing place. How could you get tired of it? The detail and clarity of the photos is perfect.

  5. JayDreamer... Thank you. Yeah I like the pic of the church with the two statues staring down.

    Jennifer...Yes I love the piazza. Indeed an amazing place :)