Monday, 19 October 2009

End of the Universe...

I want to fly away...
Past the furthest star at the end of the universe,
And in the Drifting Desolateness make my home.
Where I can be safe....
Alone.... but safe,
From you.

But I have no means to fly...
Where are the strong wings that should be?
In their place, Sad Stumps of brokenness,
That could not take flight...
Clipped.... long ago,
By you.

I wish it all away...
The sadness of the past that carries on into the future.
Laughing amidst the burning tears of hurt,
Laughing at the futility of a Waifish Wish,
The remains of the dead child within me that never grew.

I carry it still in my arms...
As if trying desperately to comfort it.
Holding it, where loving arms should have been.
Only it no longer breathes to feel,
It no longer breaths to live,
But to its forlorn form, I continue whispering...
Everything is going to be okay,
Everything is going to be okay...

And tomorrow is another day...
Till then in the darkness I'll with it stay,
Till we both see the light of that beautiful star,
At the end of the universe,
Away from you.



  1. Oh how I love that photo... Will you link this post to my Solar Sunday? I just started posting Solar shots on Sundays at with an open invitation to others to post via the comment section. Love, love, love it!

    I am not a poet, but I would have to say that poem is pretty darn good too!

  2. oh the magic we find when we stumble upon your blog! ^_^ i love love love that beautiful piece of poetry up there, you have quite a way with words! and your photo is beautiful! makes me feel warm, a lot warmer than the weather we're getting in florida. thanks for the nice little comment. i'm glad you remember your mother. hold on to that memory and pray that you never forget.
    warm hugs and well wishes!


  3. iLikeToWrite... thanks. Someone once told me not to point the camera at the sun cause it's bad for the lens. My camera has slight problems focusing now...I wonder if it's because I do it too often >.<

    Rebecca...Thank you. I've posted the link on your Solar Sunday. Thanks for the invite!

    Jay...I'm glad you liked the poem and photo. Well wishes to you too!

  4. Beautiful photo, just like all the others on this blog. I especially like the clouds. Will come back for sure!


    Through The Photographs

  5. Stunning are truly talented.... and your poetry is gorgeous!

  6. Corina...Thanks :)

    Kiki...Glad you like my poem.