Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Mole Antonelliana

Some photos of the Mole Antonelliana...thought I'd take some pics of the symbol of Turin :)

What the nearby signage said:

'Bold and controversial, this building designed by Alessandro Antonelli (1798-1888) is the symbol of the city, and appears on the 2 cent coins. Originally commissioned as a Synagogue, it was acquired in 1878 by the City Council. Near completion in 1889, it was the highest brick building in the world (now 167,5 m). Since 2000 it has house the National Cinema Museum, symbol of Turin's renascent cinema industry. The dome is illuminated by an installation by Mario Merz "Il volo dei numeri".'


  1. ahhhh thank you for sharing this! i long to BE bold and controversial!

  2. Very nice pictures! I espescially like the last one. =]

  3. Flying Eagle Woman... Thanks for dropping by my blog. We could all do with some boldness and controversy every now and then :)

    iLikeToWrite... Thanks you. I was actually debating on whether or not to post the last pic up. It didn't look so good vertically. But when I rotated it, the photo looked pretty cool. It's amazing what a little rotation can

  4. simply beautiful, and that last one?
    it's breath-taking! thanks for posting, what a nice start to my day :] thanks again