Thursday, 22 October 2009

Chocolate is the Answer!

I have an endless love for Chocolate...

The cure all.
(Cioccolata Calda = Hot Chocolate)


Godiva Chocolates from Belgium. I was delighted with the golden wrapping and took the time to photograph the unwrapping of the precious parcel. Yeah, I'm crazy.


Do you like chocolate?


  1. Yes, chocolate is amazing!! Lol Very nice pictures... its making me crave chocolate

  2. I AM a CHOCOholic!!! LOVE your photos...;^)
    No, it's not crazy to show the whole unwrapping procedure...Godiva is TREASURE!!!
    ;^) ;^)
    It is monumental!
    I have that exact sign!!! Check out my others at this post:

  3. chocolate is the answer? in this i do believe!! XD
    VERY nice post! i think i'll go have a Hershey Bar

  4. iLikeToWrite... Yes it is. And it's addictive box of Godiva chocs is almost empty now. Lol

    Cynthia L.H.... I've checked out your post and the signs are so creative. Where did you get those?

    Jay Dreamer... I miss hersheys too. I haven't really seen them on sale in Turin though. But there's a whole lot of other chocolate to try. Turin is the city of Chocolate!

  5. LOL I just finished off the chocolate ice cream right out of the box. I have a seriously bad addiction to chocolate. Love your Godiva box photos. I probably would have photographed each piece of chocolate as I ate it.

  6. Hi Rebecca, I did think of snapping shots of the individual chocolates...maybe the fillings or something...but my mouth is quicker than my camera. Lol.