Friday, 9 October 2009

Cold on a Cold Day...

The rain falls from the heavens,
Strong and heavy,
Clear and steady.

The temperature drops,
The skin turns cold.

And mists begin to form,
In thin white wisps,
And the green hills are now a blurry grey.

I don't have to cry,
I'll leave that bit to the sky,
And when I see you online...
I remember. I smile. I forget.
I think about saying 'Hi'
But no...
I am invisible to you
And I want it that way...

It's a cold cold day...


Photos taken in Sekayu, Malaysia.


  1. Wow nice photos! I love how in the first one the light is shining brightly in the corner. I like your poem too! =]

  2. You really lucked out on the light in the first one. Like it!!!

  3. Nice post. That first photo said cold cold day to me for sure! Brrr

  4. wowwww! how awesome are YOU!! i REALLY love this post (and your poem too. I didn't have a favorite part because the whole piece was beautiful :]