Thursday, 7 May 2009

Red Beauty

Sweet quiet she was as the first rays of morning pierced through the darkness,
The last vestiges of the spirited night passed gently stirring in her hair,
As the chilly air swept across the plain, he found comfort in the warmth of her body,
Another quarter of an hour in bed he told himself. Another quarter before the madness.

He counted the seconds...and then it happened,
The sun rose and woke the earth,
He held his breath as he beheld her,
Her soft pink dress now an intense deep red,
His gaze unwavering with the wonder of a child,
His desire uncontrollable with the passion of a man.

What will the fates deal upon him today?
Within the walls of her heart,
Which stead has he been predestined to ride?
To win the prized silk banner,
With a quick prayer and an air-blown kiss,
He raced down the slopes of his beautiful Sienna.

Photo of Sienna, with her intense red bricks made from burnt Sienna-colored earth. Click on the image for a bigger picture. 

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