Tuesday, 19 May 2009

On Display...

The sun rises...

Another day...

She paints her face, she paints her face,

Set the twinkles around the eyes,

The color blue, just like the skies,

Paint on the red smiling grin,

Make it happy, make it beam,

Cause it's what they want to see...

Nevermind the sad little heart,

Stop the tears, don't dare start,

Breathe in deeply, and count to ten,

If it doesn't work, do it again, do it again...

She cannot speak her mind,

They must not know her feelings,

Don't let the peace unwind,

It leads to needless dealings,

And why bring others woe?

If you can bear it alone...


Photo taken in Paris


  1. Amazing! I love it!


  2. I agree with Sara... I love it!

    The picture is amazing!