Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Pining Away

Five out of five sat at the dinner table,
Four out of five were emotionally stable,
Three out of five had great stories to tell,
Two out of five had life going swell,
But one out of five had nothing to say,
That one out of five was pining away,
For love and acceptance that should have been there,
But the four did not know it, they were unaware...

Could all the hurt felt be unnecessary?
Imaginary demons that haunt the soul?
And yet the effects—cardiopulmonary!
Eyes dilate and fingers turn cold...

Alas for that one, one can only hope,
That that one may keep the boat afloat,
Amidst the storm and the cold dark tempest,
Imaginary or not, when life seems bleakest... 

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