Wednesday, 31 March 2010


It has been ages since I used a public phone. I thought I'd take pictures. Boring I know. Lol.
I haven't had the time to get out much and take interesting photos. Hopefully, I'll be able to again, soon.

Push - that's all it takes,
A few buttons depressed,
And connection makes.

Cost - there is a price to pay,
More than a few cents,
To get me through the day.

Tone - is it alive or dead?
Will you answer me?
Or my call do you dread?

Oh yes - it takes more,
Than a few cents,
And a few depressions,
To get me through to you...


  1. Lly:
    I think that the pics are great---it is a unique subject and I like it!
    Your poem is wonderful, too...very emotional and full of resolve.

  2. Great pictures and what a nice poem to go with them! Nice job! :)

  3. Public phones are getting harder and harder to find these days!