Monday, 30 March 2009

Of Sorrow and Romance

On the bridge:
A prisoner sighs:
'Tis close to sunset,
And like the sun my heart sinks lower and lower,
An unblinking eye,
A final blaze of red fury,
Mine hands tug at the irons that hold me fast,
Ah my beloved city, I now behold you one last time,
Before darkness takes me forever.

Down beneath him, a different tune is sung:
So gently the water carries us.
As tender as your caresses.
The sun is setting my love.
Indeed it is, indeed it is,
Hold me and kiss me,
Upon this gondola,
Beneath this bridge,
Of loving sighs,
For then eternal love,
Shall be forever ours.

The Bridge of Sighs in Venice.
I visited the bridge at the wrong time. Reconstruction was going on... hence the unsightly scaffolding.

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