Thursday, 2 September 2010

Close Up

In the evening, I found this little fella sitting on the wall. 

I'm sorry I've been away. I've been so totally busy. Still am. Ugh...
Plus I desperately need a new camera. Mine is out of focus....which deters me from taking any photos. 


  1. Great photo, but bees give me the shivers! As for being busy, that's completely understandable - it happens to us all. We'll be here when you're ready :)

  2. i actually really love this, small little guy :) i feel the contents of your "ugh", it's how i've been feeling too, with college and Life... i also need a new camera badly. hopefully this wish will come true if and when i get a job. good luck m'dear! love you always!
    - jay

  3. Sam, Thanks very much for following my blog. Really appreciate your comments :)

    Jay, Hi hi. I hope our wishes for new cameras come true soon. Love ya too :)