Sunday, 2 August 2009

A Place Called Sadness

In my selfishness, in my solipsism,
I confined myself to a place called Sadness.
There I dwelt in tears, with hands balled into fists pounding on the earth with the question, "Why?"

I have not since found the answer to,
All the sorrow that pierced me through,
But in that sad sad miserable place,
I realized something I did misplace,
It was gratitude.

Gratitude for gifts such as these:

Eyes that see rainbow colors shimmering on soap bubbles smelling of vanilla ice-cream,
Ears that hear beautiful music playing over the radio or the gentle pattering of rain in spring,
Hands to pull close the ones I so love,
Feet to carry me through the meadows and over mountains above,

And with great remorse I fell to my knees,
To count the joys I had so often missed,
When my thoughts turned to sorrow instead of sweet bliss.

May we always be grateful for these blessings we have...


Sorry the poem doesn't really rhyme :(


  1. It doesn't have to rhyme. The message behind the poem is awesome. And it's beautifully written. Many people often do take what they have for granted. Great picture too. :]

  2. Lly...I like your poem. I think it is human nature to often take our blessings for granted. We don't think about them until they are gone and then the feeling surfaces. I agree with your perspective on blessings.

    Dan Felstead

  3. Lly,
    Beautiful photos and beautiful poetry!
    Poetry does not have to flows out of your soul...and capturing the essence of the feelings in words is a gift that you express well.

  4. Thanks all for your encouragements. I really appreciate it.