Monday, 15 June 2009

Neptune's Fountain

Photo taken in Moncalieri. A small town near the city of Turin.

It was a super super hot day and the pigeons had gathered at Neptune's Fountain for some small talk, a drink, and a little feces expelling (as I discovered after having a closer look >.< ).
Managed to capture a photo of this feathered friend before he/she flew off. Do click Image to enlarge.

Hmmm, I've been posting a series of pretty brown and antique looking images...gosh, it must be a phase.
Lol. I promise brighter pictures tomorrow. But *whines* I've got so many more Sepia/B&W's to show... Oh well.


  1. i love how you got the pigeon in there. nice action shot

  2. Thanks. It wasn't easy with the killingly slow response time of my camera. :)