Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Where Sight Takes You...

What does it mean to see?
A prescribed design,
For one to journey, for one to be.

The way that hung upon the where,
From which one points his spyglass there,
And each conclusion that follows hence,
One should inquire - the point from whence?

I wonder how this little bug viewed the world...

We were on the same path, you and I,
For a while at least,
You graced a smile, I gave a sigh,
I saw the ground, you saw the sky.

When mine eyes met yours that summer's day,
It dawned on me, you were going away,
For though our eyes met and stood a moment's silence,
We did not see eye to eye, not you not I.

And so, I'll be on my little way,
So will you, I dare say,
To keep on journeying till we find,
Someone to share both heart and mind.